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Located in Boulder, Colorado, Colutron Research Corporation offers a variety of products designed for the advancement of research in the areas of Astrophysics, Atmospheric Physics, and Atomic Physics. Some of our products include Ion Sources, Velocity Filters (mass spectrometers), Acceleration and Focusing systems, and Ion Beam Decelerators. These components are available separately, or can be purchased together in kit form (Ion Beam Kits). The ion beam components are also available mounted in vacuum chambers with ports for a vacuum pump, ion gauge, and electrical connections (Ion Gun Systems).

In addition to these products, Colutron is also a source of scientific reading materials. Please browse below for interesting papers  and articles.

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NOTE: Colutron Research Corporation was closed in September 2013. Products that were sold by the business are now being sold and supported by Beam Imaging Solutions.


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  Ion Beam Sources, Kits and Components


  Ion Gun Systems and Control Units 



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        Titles include: (Atmospheric Electrostatics, The Deadbeat Universe)

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